Friday, 6 January 2012

For Looking And Feeling Better

With a history of plastic surgery India dating back to 3500 BC, we stand among the most experienced populations in the entire world to have had the first experience of cosmetic makeovers. The procedure has been followed ever since the times of Sushruta and the same has been vividly explained in the Sushruta Samhita. The modern day cosmetic surgery has retained and improvised upon the procedure to provide some amazing results in this category.

Indian cosmetic surgery industry has flourished with more and more people opting to undergo the procedures for rectification of their birth features, accidental scars, signs of aging and many more. The glamour industry has become the most potent clients of the cosmetic surgery. In fact, Cosmetic Surgeon India is a community which is busier than ever today for the simple reason that they have clients coming from all over the world to get a makeover done. Indian cosmetic surgeons provide the same service as available in any other western country, at a much reasonable rate and with good facilities, and that has become the reason for foreign tourists coming here for all kinds of plastic surgeries.

Among various procedures conducted through cosmetic surgery, face lift has been among the most sought after by the people in the glamour industry. Now, even the common people are seeking to undergo facelift to look better and younger even after their age goes beyond the young looks. Face Lift India till now has been associated with the rich and affluent sections as the same is neither a concern nor affordable by the other sections of the society.

Since the procedure is basically meant to enhance a person's aesthetic appearance, it definitely doesn't find much space in the lives of servicemen and other people and is generally restricted to people related to the glamour world. On the other hand, there are other plastic surgery procedures which are more commonly sought even by common people for problems such as a cleft pallet, post traumatic rejuvenation and such other cases. Plastic surgery basically involves correction of form and thus functioning of an organ, features etc. The surgery is a broad term that includes various kinds of cosmetic surgeries as well as those required for reconstruction and also treatment for injuries like burn and bruises etc.

In fact India has had such a strong history of plastic surgery that it has been a centre for learning. British doctors have made visits to see the procedure for rhinoplasty in the past. The Sanskrit texts that contain the details of plastic surgery, were also translated into foreign languages for the convenience of learning. So the plastic surgeons in India today claiming to be the descendents of Sushruta, claim to be very good descendants and thus provide among the best services across the world. Plastic surgery is another reason why India has become a centre for medical tourism and the field is only set to get better.

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