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High Pr Bookmarking Site List in USA

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What is Social Bookmarking?

A good social bookmarking definition begins with the history of the concept. It was first thought of in April of 1996, with the launch of the very first social bookmark, From that point on, the business began to grow, and social bookmarking became known for building relevant links, bringing in traffic and new customers, and the other benefits of social bookmarking that businesses can take advantage of.
To define social bookmarking is to examine how they work. Basically links are listed on a network, then whoever has access to that network can search for links that pertain to the keywords that person is searching for. Each link has three keywords associated with it, generally keywords that are optimized on their webpages, and when those keywords are searched for, ideally, it is that particular link that comes up.
The concept of social bookmarking can be compared to personal bookmarks, or favorites lists. These networks allow people to add links they like, not just their own. Social bookmarking can be used by anyone, but is generally utilized for business to business information, or business to consumer information.
When a link is ready to be put into a social bookmarking network, it is first tagged or submitted to a social bookmarking site. It is tagged with three keywords that are optimized on the website, and then a description of the website is added. From that point on, it can be searched through the keywords on the network.
What Does Social Bookmarking Do For Businesses?
No social bookmarking definition can be complete without an analysis of what it can do for businesses. Obviously, social bookmarking has some excellent marketing qualities, or nobody would do it. Some of the ways that social bookmarking helps businesses include:
  • Building relevant incoming links
  • Draws visitors
  • Draws new clients or customers
  • Helps people find the business
  • Helps businesses find other businesses
  • Draws a lot of traffic
What Websites Are Known Social Bookmarks?
There are many websites out there that are known as social bookmarking sites, or define social bookmarking. These sites are meant strictly to list these links and make them searchable. Some of these websites are private and you have to pay a fee to search through them, but others are free for anyone to use, obviously looking for regular people to use them. Some of these social bookmarking websites are:
  • – A blog and business social bookmarking website
  • – A popular social bookmarking service that is the most famous
  • Yahoo Bookmarks – A bookmarking service hosted by as one of their many services
  • Google Bookmarks – Another bookmarking service, hosted by and intended for normal people as well as businesses to use.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kisi Ne Poocha Mohabbat Kya Hai???

Samundar ne kaha...
Mohabbat samundar ki gehraiyo mein chhupi hui ek seep hai,
JIsme chahat jaisa anmol moti mojood hai...

Baadal ne kaha...
Mohabbat ek dhanak hai,
Jisme har Rang samaya hota hai...

Shayar ne kaha...
Mohabbat ek aisi ghazal hai,
Jo har ek sunnewalo ke dil mein utarti chali jaati hai...

Saaz ne kaha...
Mohabbat ek aisa geet hai,
Jo Dil mein utar jaata hai...

Mali ne kaha...
Mohabbat gulshan ke phool ki woh dilkash khusboo hai,
Jisme saara gulshan mehak utha hai...

Aankhon ne kaha...
Mohabbat aansoo ka samundar hai,
jo kisi ke intezar mein khamoshi se behta hai...

Dil ne kaha...
Mohabbat kisiko Khamoshi se chahte jaana ka naam

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Top 10 Valentine Day Gift Ideas- 2013 Celebration Begins

When first time I heard about valentine day, two questions came into my mind-

1. What is valentine day?

2. When is valentine day?

Now when I know the answer of both questions, another question that troubles me every year is – best gifts for Valentine Day. Therefore, I did a lot of research to find out one valentine gift for my beloved and I know this is not only my problem, you guys also find it difficult to select the best gift for your loved one. For that reason, here is the solution for you guys – decide soon because only few days are left.

Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Red Rose plant – To celebrate every day as a valentine day you can gift a red rose plant to your beloved. Don’t forget your red rose bouquet can shrivel up but this plant will give you fresh roses.

Write for your beloved – I know everyone can’t write poem, but you can’t deny the fact that your beloved will love to hear something from you. Though you can’t write as like poet, still you can write something endearing.

Express your love with creativity – You can gift his/her a handmade card, frame or poster of your best moments. This would be one of the priceless gifts for your beloved.

Adventurous Experience – Go for an adventurous journey, whatever fascinates you and your beloved go for that. Jump from aeroplane, hit the slope, deep-sea diving or any other exciting and adventurous experience will give you unforgettable moment of life.

Chocolates – It is one of the most popular and effective ideas for Valentines Day gifts. You can buy a heart-shaped chocolate box with various tasty chocolates.

Romantic dinner – Spend the V-Night with your beloved. Plan a romantic dinner party with soft music, candle light, mellow setting, a bottle of sparkle and don’t forget to give it your personal touch- play his/her favorite song, order the meal according to his/her taste etc.

Valentines Day

Clothes – Your beloved always look fab, but your chosen clothes will boost your love life. Gift his/her something that shows your love and he/she can know how better you know your beloved.

Jewellery – You can choose from various available options according to your budget. A precious metal is always the best gift.

Grooming products – Enrich the beauty of your beloved by gifting his/her grooming products.

Gadget – Your beloved could be fond of latest gadgets. You can choose the best mobile phone, tablet or any other gadget to gift his/her this valentine day.

So, decide now from above valentine day gifts ideas, and make this valentine special for your love.