Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Brass and Copper Tubes and Pipes

Industry pipes are used in many industries like construction, civil applications and energy. They are used for transporting solids and fluids. Industrial pipes are insulated and flanged. They are best suited for heavy duty tasks and functions.

Industrial pipes are very flexible and can be fabricated to any height. They are made of steel and have a high tensile strength. Industrial pipes can be installed easily. They are corrosion resistant. They do not require maintenance. Also, they are very reliable and stable.

Copper Tubes and Pipes

Copper tubes and pipes are well suited for plumbing work. They are available in different diameters and sizes and can be used for cold as well as hot water applications. They are corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Copper is very economical as it can be easily joined and installed. Its installation does not require labour. Hence, labour costs are reduced. Copper is light weight and hence, it is easy to transport. It also takes less space. Copper is safe for indoor applications as it is stable against toxic gases. It will not burn.

To get the best copper tubes and pipes, you can visit online stores. Online stores are mostly preferred by smart and tech savvy customers. By visiting online stores, you will get an access to a large number of Copper Tube Manufacturers. You can select any online shop and you will have your product delivered at your doorstep.

Brass Tubes and Pipes

Brass tubes are alloys of copper and zinc. They are cost-effective and are used for various applications and d├ęcor works. It is widely used in making furniture, architectural fixtures and musical instruments because of the sturdy and stunning look in it. Brass tubes and pipes are available in different sizes, shapes and channel types. Unlike copper, brass requires maintenance in order to make it glow. To have a beautiful finish on it, it can be oil rubbed, powder coated or brushed.

Brass Tube Manufacturers understand the importance of quality in the brass products. While purchasing or selling brass products, you should have an extensive knowledge about the process of producing brass and about its properties.

Moradabad is known for its brass work and offers a huge market for brass pipe exporters. The modern and attractive brass ware is exported to Britain, Germany, Middle East Asia, Canada, etc.

Copper and brass require constant cleaning. Any dent in them can be removed by pressing the metal against wood. You should not use hammer as it will damage the shape. While copper is used mainly as a plumbing material, brass is used for making furniture and musical instruments. There is a huge market for copper and brass tube manufacturers. Their demand never decreases.


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