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Cancer Research Institute – Shaping The Future of Cancer Treatments

Cancer - Causes and Types

Today's world has changed a lot in its life style and food habits. Use of unhealthy products available in the market like cigarettes, use of chemicals in food, pesticides and fertilizers in plants etc causes serious diseases like cancer in which chances of survival is minimum if not treated in early stages. We shall talk about cancer one of the most dreaded disease in the world and which is becoming common now days among people.

Cancer is the term referred to the abnormal and uncontrollable division of cells which invade other tissues as well. As a result of this scenario, many Cancer Treatment Centers are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world with the best intention of giving the good treatment for all cancer patients.

Cancer is a dreadful disease that takes most of the lives. The main categories of cancer includes

• Carcinoma that begins in the skin of internal organs like lungs
• Sarcoma which begins in bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels
• Leukemia which begins in the bone marrow which result in production of abnormal blood cells
• Central nervous system that begins in the brain and spinal chord.

Diagnosing cancers and various treatments

We shall discuss in detail regarding the lung cancer and its treatments. Tumor in lungs due to various reasons is the reason for lung cancer. Methods to diagnose lung cancer are

• X ray
• CT scan
• Biopsy

Use of tobacco, exposure to asbestos, air pollution and genetic factors are the potential reasons for the lung cancer. People affected with lung cancer shows various symptoms like cough, wheezing, shoulder pain, paralysis of vocal cords, pneumonia etc.

Lung cancer treatments are very common now and many cancer research institutes and cancer treatment centers with highly sophisticated equipments and expertise has proved to be a big success in curing this disease.

Cancer radiation therapy which is one of the most popular methods used to kill cancer cells works in 2 ways.

• Internal therapy which is an implant therapy
• External therapy in which patients are not radioactive

Cancer research institute - A boon to all cancer patients

Depending upon the seriousness of the disease and the percentage of spreading, the oncologists will deicide the appropriate treatment for the patient. He will discus about the various side effects and the benefits with the patient before he starts with the treatment.

Cancer treatments are of course on the expensive side and if treated in the beginning you the chances of survival are sure. Many people are ignorant about the lung cancer treatment methods and lung Cancer Radiation Therapy. They are afraid to contact any cancer treatment centers for their treatment as they are not sure about the reputation of the centers and the expertise of the oncologists.

Cancer research institute is one of the most popular institution which gives priority to give immune based approaches, control and prevention to all cancer patients worldwide. For more than five and half decades it has been serving cancer patients with high professionalism and expertise also provide academic researchers around the world. CRI scientist has been awarded for their accomplishments in laboratory researches regarding cancer.

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