Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Homeopathy Treatment For Weight Loss and Skin Diseases

Holistic treatments have been in practice for some time now. In India, holistic treatments have been in practice through approaches like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Herbal medicines, Naturopathy, Yoga and others. Today, patients choose holistic treatments over traditional ones as the former does not have any side effect. Medicines are made from natural products and not from chemicals.


Homeopathy is a new age medicine. Even its small dose works for diseases like psychomatic, lifestyle diseases, allergies, autoimmune, etc.
Though homeopathy treatment is remarkable, it is believed to be under-utilized. It has the ability to stimulate our natural ability to heal. It can permanently cure diseases, if practiced over a period of time. It is highly useful from earaches and coughs to cancer and autoimmune disease.

Lifestyle Diseases

There is a Holistic Treatment For Lifestyle Diseases With Homeopathy. In this modern world, where every person is engaged in making their life better, lifestyle diseases have become very common. Becoming glued to television, in taking fast foods with high calories, shunning physical activities, smoking and drinking has given rise to lifestyle diseases. Homeopathic medicines can be used for diseases like chronic stress, depression, asthma, cancer and obesity.

Homeopathic treatments support holistic healing. A homeopath will treat the person as whole and not mere symptoms. Diseases like depression or asthma results in psychological disturbances which a medical practitioner will ignore, but a homeopath finds the root cause of the disease and treats the origin of the disease.

Hair Loss Treatment with Homeopathy

There is a treatment for hair loss with Homeopathy. You can go for homeopathic treatment for your hair loss if:

• You want to go for non-surgical treatment
• You believe in homeopathic treatment
• You believe in whole body approach to health

The most common homeopathic treatment used for the treatment of hair loss is:

• Oils - One such way is to use oils such as grape fruit, rosemary, lemon and various other oils.
• Fluoric Acid - Its doses are so diluted that you can hardly recognize the substance.
• Phosphoric Acid - It is used to stop hair loss.

Treatment of Skin Diseases with Homeopathy

People undergo Homeopathy Treatment For Skin Diseases. This is so because homeopathy has a deep understanding of the treatment of skin diseases. It studies the skin, genetic influences, mind and immunological patterns in order to determine the treatment. Homeopathy does not believe in local creams and lotions.

Homeopathy is best for skin diseases like:

• Psoriasis
• Fungus infections
• Eczema
• Chronic and recurring bacterial infections
• Acne
• Viral infections
• Pigmentary disorders

Before treating people, homeopathy studies the person's genetic and personal health history, current physical and emotional symptoms and body type. People go for Homeopathy treatment for skin diseases, hair loss and other problems. Homeopathic doctors take a lot of time in treating one patient. The session tends to be lengthy. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances that come from plants, animals and minerals.

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