Thursday, 29 December 2011

Treating Cancer in India

Normally cells in the body have a life that follows the scheme of birth, divide and death. In case of cancer, the cancerous cells divide and do not stop dividing affecting the entire system of functioning in the body. Such cells hamper functioning of an organ or when they spread to other organs then they disturb the other organs as well. A non-stop growth of cells that remains limited to a region is termed benign but when they break away and move to other regions they turn malignant and are thus very dangerous.

Usually cancer is named as per the organ where the cancer growth is seen to occur first. For example breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate gland cancer, uterine cancer, neck cancer etc.
Cancer, a disease which once diagnosed, was a certain death call, about a couple of decades back, has now become a more treatable and better understood area. In fact, even countries like ours, have come to be centres for cancer treatment with better medical facilities. In India, Delhi and Mumbai have very good hospitals and oncologists providing best of medical treatment for cancer patients.

Cancer treatment in Delhi has advanced manifolds and now we have specialists from all fields of cancer available in the city. For example Neck Cancer Treatment in Delhi is available in many hospitals. This kind of cancer usually originates in the cell lining of the oral neck cavity. Depending on the exact area of origin, the neck cancer is again differentiated into salivary glands, oral cavity, pharynx etc. Delhi has also gained the distinction of becoming a destination for treatment of various kinds of cancers, for patients from around the world.
In fact, Mumbai and Delhi have become centres for best facilities with regard to cancer for people even from neighbouring countries like, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal etc.

Though, once treated, most cancers have a tendency to relapse, the treatment methods are also developing at a fast pace and certain kinds of cancers are considered to be fully curable. For example Treatment of Uterine Cancer, where the doctors do not decide to remove the uterus or adjoining lymph nodes, is a sign of the cancer being in very early stages, and thus a complete treatment is possible with very little chances of return of the cancer.

Meanwhile, the developments in medical sciences have come to a stage of development of vaccine for certain kind of cancers. The vaccine for cancer of cervix is already available for use and doctors recommend it for every girl to save her from the dreaded disease.

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