Tuesday, 24 January 2012

3D Scanner – A Multipurpose Digital Media

The term 3D scanning refers to a process of obtaining the accurate information of a physical object for the measurement purpose. The device used in this method is called 3D Scanner.  It is a fast and correct technique of putting measurements of an object onto the computer in an organized manner, resulting in what is commonly called 3D scan data. Once it is digital, all of the dimensions can be taken, such as volume, width, height, feature location, feature size, surface area, length, etc.

White Light Scanning describes a variety of 3D scanning devices, a known pattern of light (usually white) uses sensors to capture images of the object. Multiple sensors can be used to achieve this result.

Photogrammetry is a practice based on standard projective and photography geometry, the principle behind this is to take multiple images of an object and automatically or manually reference the common points in each photograph. To detect this, a two dimensional information machine vision is used, for example bar codes, to sort packages etc. In this process, a pair of sensors is positioned at a known distance from a part, taking two images all together and by manipulative the difference of every point of the two images, 3D measurements of entire scenes can be created.

In addition, 3D CT (computed tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans are obtained by stacking a series of CT or MRI scans on each other in software. This technology was originally developed for the medical field but is now growing into industrial and manufacturing applications as well.

You can find companies providing 3D Scanning Services best of the facilities in their respective field. The Benefits of scanning services are:

• Quality investigation on the project
• Multiple scanning processes and merge parts.
• Instant inspection report.
• Collecting key data of critical dimensions and specifications.
• Precise and cost-effective service

The 3D Scanning software is used to complete the scanning. There are various software’s available in the market, few of them are mentioned below:

Avizo Fire 7: Enriched visualization, quantification tools, segmentation and powerful image processing commands to advanced measurement tools provided by this software provide faster and better classification of more complex materials and structures.

Galileos 3D Imaging: This software completes the communication between hardware and software, by providing a single source for diagnostics, treatment especially in the areas of implantology, planning, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, etc. It is used in the precise measurement of bone structure, anatomical features and teeth inspection.

Flex Light X3: This platform contains a 2GB dual camera frame capture functionality that works with a user-programmable pattern generating system.

Elekta Software: It helps professionals to confirm that the margins around the tumor that they have applied during the planning stage are as small as possible, so that it can protect healthy uninvolved tissues.

Trackers are a class of 3D Scanning System, works to track the position of a measuring device. Multiple techniques are used to track this device including magnetic position, laser, optical position and acoustic position.

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