Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ayurvedic Skin Care for Natural Remedy of All Skin Problems

A glowing blemish free skin reflects not just the beauty of an individual but is a reflection of his health too. With increasingly more stress, pollution and chemical challenges that this natural protective barrier has to take up each day, it is imperative to ensure its health and vitality. Bombarding the skin with even more chemical stress in an attempt to relieve it of its imperfections is certainly not a solution. With Ayurvedic skin care solutions , time tested natural herbal remedies for common skin problems are utilised based on ancient Indian system of medicine. A wide range of ayurvedic products ranging from anti-acne creams ,lotions and facial masks, sun screen lotions to natural moisturisers and scrubs are available.

Ayurvedic system of medicine is based on the concept that all human illnesses and infirmities originate due to the defective body humors, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. The treatment is thus aimed not only at relieving symptoms but at eliminating the cause of the problem. This results in sustained long term relief.

Ayurvedic Skin Care products are also targeted at the underlying cause to maintain the homeostasis of the three humors. These products being absolutely naturopathic ensure that no damage or side effects are involved with the treatment as opposed to conventional chemical agents which are prone to cause harm.

Acne is common problem faced by teenagers due to hormonal imbalances related to the physiological changes occurring in their bodies. Some times the problem is transient while at times it extends over a prolonged time span. Acne can have negative impact the psychological front in the sufferer in today's world where aesthetics are a forerunner in personal as well as professional life.

Ayurveda offers effective natural anti -acne treatments. Attributing acne to underlying dosha of pitta, ayurvedic anti-acne treatments aims at identifying and demolishing the underlying cause. Turmeric and neem are natural anti microbial agents which can tackle the acne causing bacteria. Sandalwood with its soothing properties has a positive effect on inflamed skin. Apart from topical therapy, systemic therapy with aloe vera is effective. Ayurveda stresses upon avoidance of intake of foods which might alter the humoral balance. Thus avoidance of excessive alcohol , tea , coffee, spicy and fried food is recommended. Application of coriander juice and ground cumin seeds to the affected area is also beneficial.

Sunlight in the right amount is necessary for a healthy body and skin by the natural synthesis of vitamin D. But excessive exposure to the damaging radiations can have adverse effects on the skin. Thus protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet radiations is mandatory. These radiation affect the skin by causing free radical damage affects the reparative capacity of the epithelial cells as well as weakening of the underlying dermal collagen.

All these effects result in pre mature aging , pigmentation and wrinkling. The application of Sun Screen Lotion protects the skin from all these damaging effects. Ayurvedic sun screen lotions contain natural blocking agents which not only protect the skin from radiation but also counteract the free radical damage and nourish the skin. Thus ayurvedic skin care is an effective and safe method to ensure age defying timeless beauty.

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