Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Different Types of Eye Surgeries in India

It is said that eyes are the windows of a human's soul. Eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body. They are very sensitive to light and dust. Eyes are very important without which you feel like crippled. Eyes support us in our daily routine work. However, over a period of time, eyes start showing degeneration. Eyesight starts getting weak after the age of 40. There are people who have not been bestowed with this precious gift. While others suffer from vision problems due to which they start wearing lenses or glasses.

Eye Care in India

Eye surgery in India has seen wide improvement but this country lacks eye care professionals to meet the needs of the population. No doubt, the quality of eye care medication has increased but the quantity remains a problem. There is a gap between patients and doctors due to which many needful patients do not get attention. Eye surgery takes place for two purposes - one is to correct the vision and another is to provide new eyes to a blind person.

Eye care in NCR or the National Capital Region boasts of some good eye centres for the needy patients. The NCR regions have seen some tremendous growth in the quality as well as quantity of eye care centres. Many new eye care centres have been set up at short intervals. Eye Care in Delhi has special hospitals that are dedicated only to eye care. These hospitals have the best equipment and professionals to provide good quality service.

Types of Eye Surgeries

There are various types of eye operations available. Before undergoing any eye operation, it is very important that you visit an eye surgery centre to ask any question you need to know so that you are comfortable with the operation. Corneal inlays or on lays is a kind of operation which is going through clinical trials. This operation takes place within the cornea of the eye. Another type of eye surgery is Lasik Surgery. Lasik Surgery in India is performed in all good hospitals across India. This surgery is less painful and involves a quicker process. Lasik surgery has gained much popularity with almost all the patients. This surgery reduces a patient's dependency on glasses and contact lenses. In this surgery, laser energy is used to reshape the eye. This surgery gives quick results and is safer as compared to other types of eye surgeries. It also facilitates faster recovery among the patients.

A more serious form of eye surgery is cataract surgery. The clouding of the eye lenses can be termed as cataracts. This clouding stops light from passing through the lens. Because of this, the vision gets blurred. In most cases, cataracts result due to aging or disorders like diabetes. The symptoms of cataracts are foggy vision, problem while driving; night-vision problems; double vision; and frequent changes in the eye prescription. Cataract treatment in Delhi is very popular as the hospitals providing this treatment has world class equipment and treatment procedures.

Eyes are not only the most sensitive organs of the body, but they are also the most important organs of the body. To avoid any eye surgery, you need to take extra care of your eyes. You can contact any centre of eye care in Delhi in order to know some important and useful tips of eye care.

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