Thursday, 19 January 2012

Disneyland Dream Suite

My Husband won a stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite located in the New Orleans section of the park…  Meaning we got to sleep inside Disneyland.  Maybe I should reword that to “stay” inside Disneyland… You’ll see what I mean.

Our stay was over the Labor Day weekend, 2010.  We were able to bring 2 more people to stay with us and we ask our friends and the owners of Our Laughing Place Travel to be our guests.  We were met at the Disneyland Hotel in the afternoon and escorted to the Dream Suite, just above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction inside the park.  We felt very special as we were shown around the incredible suite and given instructions on how to exit and re-enter the suite.  There are several features in the suite that put on little shows in the bedrooms, the hallway, and in the formal sitting room.  So cool!

I choose to stay in the Frontierland Bedroom.

The Frontierland room also had a train that ran around the top of the room periodically, and the theming was incredible!
I gave Ahnalira and Alan the AdventurelandBedroom with the Fantasyland bathroom.

Ahnalira loves her tubbies, so I thought it would be nice for her to have the nicest tubbie in all the land.  There is a light show across the ceiling with magical music.

We also knew a few friends, Lazar and Aidee, that were visiting Disneyland so we arranged for them to come and see the Dream Suite before dinner at the Blue Bayou.  After dinner, two more friends, Beth and Rudy,  were able to come by check out the Dream Suite and enjoy the most awesome view of Fantasmic ever; off the Frontierland bedroom is a balcony that over looks New Orleans Square and the Rivers of America.

We felt like Celebrities up there on that balcony.  Disney set up directors chairs, and supplied us with popcorn and sodas.  There was no one blocking our view, and the show was amazing.  I will never be able to view Fantasmic that way ever again.. breathtaking!

After Fantasmic we were able to catch the fireworks from behind the castle.  Then we all retreated into the formal sitting rooms were we tried to get Up to work on the big screen but it wasn’t working too well.  The park was about to close and our guest had to be out of the park so we said goodbye and rested for a little while.

Before the park closed JJ and I went to take a picture in front of the castle because no one would be around.

We turned in for the night, expecting fairtytale dreams… but were awakened instead to the fire alarms going off in the wee hours of the morning due to maintainence on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  We were warned that this could happen - but it hadn’t in a while - so I guess we were lucky to get the whole affect of staying in the Dream Suite.  It was a false alarm so we didn’t have to leave the Dream Suite,  but the alarms went off long enough to make sure we were good and awake.

I still say we were lucky to have experienced staying inside the park and the Dream Suite is a once in a lifetime event to experience.  We were treated the four of us to breakfast the next morning at The Plaza Inn.  It is a character breakfast, and we had a wonderful time playing with the Fairy Godmother who remembered Lazar from his days as Prince Charming in Disneyland Tokyo.

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