Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Finding Solutions for Heart Problems

These days there has been increase in various health issues. Though all the organs and parts of the body are equally important, it is essential to take care of them. As we all know that Heart is the key organ of a body, it is very essential that the heart is taken care of well. These days there are many heart problems popping up as well. Thanks to the advancements in the field of medicine because of which doctors have come with various heart treatments that solve almost all heart related problems. Let's have a look at some of the popular heat treatments:

Interventional cardiology: Interventional cardiology is considered as a breakthrough in the field of cardiology. Interventional cardiology is a stream of cardiology which deals with catheter based treatment for structural heart diseases. It also deals with many non surgical procedures to handle cardiovascular diseases. Interventional cardiology is a procedure in which the surgeon uses catheters that are thin, flexible tubes that help to get into the blood vessels and conduct diagnostic tests or to repair the damaged vessels.

Cardiac Valve Replacement in India: heart valves play a key role in pumping blood through the heart. These heart valves pump blood due to pressure which helps them to flap them like doors resulting to flow of blood and close immediately to prevent back flow of blood. When this blood pumping is affected then it is considered a problem with the heart valves. There is a minor possibility of heart valve damage and a serious problem like complete damage to the valves. In such situations the only solution available is the Cardiac Valve Replacement.

Cardiac Valve Replacement in India is a solution used to get rid of damaged heart valves in a clinical yet safe and successful way. A Cardiac Valve Replacement in India involves using mechanical valves made of plastic, carbon or metal as they are strong, long lasting and hassle free. In many cases, a heart valve when replaced it is said to be an Open Heart Valve Replacement Surgery.

This surgery as the name suggests is a surgery in which the surgery happens the functioning of the heart is stopped for some time to reach out to the valves but the patient is alive through a machine which acts like the heart during the surgery. Once the damaged valve is detected, it is removed and the artificial valve is sewn in that location. This surgery is done meticulously and amidst a surgical team that involves anesthesiologist, surgeon, cardiologist, respiratory therapist, and nurses.

With the advent of various cardio care treatments there has been an increase in the Cardiac Care Hospital as well. Not only exclusive cardiac care hospitals have come up but various other hospitals have started cardiac care centres in the existing facilities. Gone are the days when people use to travel to the US or UK for a cardio treatment. These days India hosts some of the world's best cardiac care hospitals.

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