Thursday, 19 January 2012

Medical Destination Delhi Solution To Your Problem

Delhi has become a very important medical centre of the country with several patients from remote corners of India and abroad travelling to the city to avail the treatment facilities here. Delhi stands out among the Indian cities, with best of medical specialists and testing facilities available to evaluate and treat various kinds of medical conditions.
Certain important diagnostic techniques with the state of the art instruments are the important features that allow doctors in Delhi to be able to treat their patients more effectively as the diagnosis is better when substantiated with newer, reliable diagnostic techniques. Here is a little insight into some major diagnostic techniques available in Delhi today.
MRI scanning in Delhi: The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology provides very intricate scanning of organs that results in detailed pictures of internal organs and tissues. These images help the medical practitioner detect very minute lesions and thus diseases. The new age MRI scanners take about 45 minutes to provide a detailed scan of your body and provide an insight into any signs of ill health. All organs including brain, spine, chest, neck, uterus, pancreas and other organs can be scanned to investigate their condition and any kind of lesions including the cancerous lesions. There are several diagnostic labs as well as hospitals in Delhi that are well equipped with the state-of-the art MRI scanning machines.
TMT in Delhi: Several heart ailments are treated in the hospitals in and around Delhi. The treadmill test (TMT) is one of the most common tests done to evaluate a person's health with regard to coronary artery disease (CAD). This stress test is recommended even to people who are at increased risk for CAD. People showing signs of unexplained fatigue and shortness of breath are recommended this kind of exercise tolerance test. Despite a good indicator, this test does not fit into every case of heart problems. Doctor is the final authority to decide if the patient needs further examinations to test their condition. Almost all the diagnostic sections of big hospitals in Delhi provide TMT testing facility.
Digital X-Ray in Delhi: Every new technology usually arrives in the country through the two megacities of Delhi and Mumbai. Delhi has been a reliable centre for the best of medical facilities and equipment. Digital X-Ray has become a part of specialised scanning services in the city and helps in better diagnosis in the field of neurology, urology and many other medical conditions.
Ultrasound in Delhi: Ultrasound is known for its use in detecting the growth and condition of the human foetus. There are several other problems for which ultrasound is utilised to detect any problem. There are various kinds of ultrasound. Duplex ultrasound combines the age old form of ultrasound with Doppler ultrasound to provide a more detailed view of internal organs including detecting how blood flows through your veins. Specialised diagnostic centres, usually in the mega hospitals and those at important medical centres in Delhi provide specialised ultrasound techniques.
Pathology lab in Delhi: You can find one in almost every street in Delhi. For minor and regular samples, the pathology labs even send their representatives to your homes to collect blood and urine samples of a person. There are many pathology labs in the city which cater to various people at affordable rates. 

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