Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Features on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5

Whether you want the latest Apple offered or you 're just looking to upgrade your traditional phone iPhone and the only exit 4S calls the best of old and new features also features Apple improved will have you playing for hours with your phone and will make your performance level. From a personal assistant with camera and improved to iCloud you can sort all of the new features in the survey.


Siri is your virtual personal assistant that comes with your iPhone 4S. If you want to enable Siri, simply push and hold the home button until you hear the tone. Then ask her your questions. You can ask her to find restaurants nearby, do a search on the Internet, read the messages of new text, compose a text message, call a person in your contacts list, add and edit appointments on your calendar, set a reminder and more. You can even ask her fun questions to see how she would react.

New and Improved Camera

The camera in 4S iPhone is still the best camera. There is a flash with this camera, so you can take pictures even in the dark. The 8-megapixel camera takes amazing photos and will also shoot HD video. You can also cut, edit learning and strengthen the right of photos from your photo stream. Finally, you no longer have to tap the screen to take a picture. Only you can press the volume knob, that makes them feel like a real camera.

iMessage and Twitter Integration

iMessage allows a message to other users of the free your iPhone iOS 5. Such as a text message prices skyrocket, this is a great feature. With this feature, you can also see when your message is delivered, the number (if the recipient has read receipts is turned on), as well as view when they are typing something in the back to you. This is a big improvement-text messages. Of course, you can still send text messages to your contacts without iOS 5.

Formatting Text

When you compose texts you select, you used just to be able to cut, copy and paste. Now, you can also format the text with bold, underlined, or italic. Highlight the text just as you would to cut or copy, and press the right arrow. There, you will see an icon BIU. Select that icon, and you can choose if you want your text bold, italic, or underlined.

Notification Bar

At this time. All of your alerts in one place-just swipe down from the notification bar, and watch all of your alerts will appear before your eyes. See your weather Facebook messages, calendar, reminder messages, tweets, e-mail and more all in one screen. From here you can choose to view the message by tapping an alert. What went on alert from the settings menu, just tap the alert and update what's displayed in the notification.

─░Phone is a great looking, with 5 6s IOS. It has never been a problem to do everything from smart phones, and extremely user friendly welcome.

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  1. Glad to see your post. Such a wonderful applications in iPhone 4S. Siri is one of my favorite application because its voice recognition technlogy is really awesome.It make most helpful with real life and works like personal assistant.