Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Weight Loss Treatment in India- Solution To Obesity

These days with the advancement of technologies people are performing less physical work. Most of the work is easily done with the help of machines. Technology should be used as a helping hand and not one should completely depend on it for entire daily work. People working in offices just sit in front of the systems entire day and keep on chewing one or the other thing which in turn makes then over weight. It is easy to gain weight but when you think to loose it become one of the major problems for you.

Now Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery is considered as one of the best option to get rid of overweight. In this type of surgery a micro camera is inserted inside the stomach to view the inner procedures properly.

Advantage of Laparoscopic surgery

• Reduction in post-operative pain
• Less duration of stay in hospital
• More improved cosmesis

Who all are considered for Laparoscopic Surgery?

There are some guidelines to follow when selecting patients for Weight Loss Surgery in India.

1. The patient should be above the ideal body weight by approximately 100 pounds
2. One should not have any metabolic or endocrine causes behind obesity.
3. The patients must agree for being observed by medical professional for some years.

Preparation required before going for Laparoscopic surgery

• A complete check up is to be determined so as to know that whether you can go for this weight loss surgery.
• You need to go through supplemental diagnostic tests which consist of nutritional evaluation.
• A Psychological evaluation is required to know about the patients mentality, whether he will be able to adjust with the changes after the operation.
• Proper consultation from specialist should be made depending on the patients medical condition.
• Patient should quit smoking.

These are some of the preparation which needs to made prior going for this surgery.

Working of Laparoscopic gastric band surgery

During Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery a band is fixed which limits the food intake just by placing a constricting ring around the stomach. While early bands were non-adjustable, those currently used incorporate an inflatable balloon within their lining to allow adjustment of the size of the stoma to regulate food intake. The small gastric pouch (the size of a golf ball) restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at a meal. Today, gastric bands are placed through laparoscopic surgery, decreasing wound complication rates and time spent in hospital to less then one day, with patients returning to work within 7 days.


1. Over a period of 5 years of post surgery patients reduces 50% of their weight as per the studies based of several patients.
2. At the time of pregnancy the band can be increased as to allow sufficient nutrient intake.

These are some of the techniques of loosing extra weight and getting your body in a proper shape. So now if you want to get yourself in good shape then only have to vist your doctor and discuss about the surgery.

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  1. If you want to loss weight by the help of Weight loss treatments then firstly you see what you eat and how much calorie you take in your diet